Personalized services.

We offer all type of services of transport and movement of goods.

Location of equipment with operator

For those works requiring specially trained staff, Cmayor offers the possibility to locate the equipment with an operator.

Cost per Hours / Day / Weeks / Months

This service is complemented with the transport, if needed, of the related goods. It is offered by hours, days, weeks, or even complete months, thus adapting the cost to the customer real need.

Other handling requests

Any other request that requires the use of handling equipment and that cannot be solve with the customers own means.

You don’t find what you are looking for?

We might be able to give you a solution. Please request information to our technicians.

We can cover any customer special needs such us movement of:

  • ATMs.
  • LOADING/UNLOADING OF TRUCKS (all type of material: construction, industrial…).

Our technicians inform you