Cookies Policy

This web site, as most of the sites in Internet, uses Cookies to improve and optimize the user’s experience.

The User expressly accepts, by the use if this Site, the treatment of the information gathered in the way and with the purposes previously mentioned. The User also acknowledges the possibility to oppose the treatment of this information by refusing the use of the Cookies and selecting the corresponding configuration in his navigator. However the option of blocking the Cookies may lead to an incomplete use of the web site functionalities.

¿What are Cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are files the web site installs in your device during your navigation in order to store information about your visit. Cookies are used to:

  • Ensure the web site correct operation
  • Store your preferences, such as the language and the size of the font used
  • Know about your navigation experience
  • Compile statistic and anonymous information, such us the sites visited or how long did you remain in each one.
¿Which types of Cookies are used?

- Technical Cookies: They allow the navigation through the web site, app or platform, and the use of the different options and services in them contained, such us traffic control, data communication, identification of the session, access to restricted areas, recall the elements of an order, execute a purchase order, sign up for an event, use security elements, store contents for broadcasting or sharing through social nets.

- Customizing Cookies: They allow the user to access the service with predefined characteristics according to a series of criteria in the user device, such as the language, the navigator type, the regional configuration, etc.

- Analysis Cookies: Treated by us or by a third, they allow us to quantify the number of users and thus to execute the statistical analysis of the way the service is used. To do it we analyze the navigation through our web with the purpose of improving the offer of products and services.

- Advertising Cookies: Treated by us or by a third, they allow the efficient management of publicity spaces in the web, adapting the content of the publicity to the content of the requested service or to the use done of our web site. We can analyze your navigation habits and show you that publicity related to your navigation profile.

- Third party Cookies: Cmayor web site can use third party services which on account of Cmayor will compile information with statistical purposes (use of the site and provision of services related to the web site activity and other internet services)

Cookies this web site uses
Domain  Name of the cookie Description/Purpose Supplier Expiration date PHPSESSID System Cookie Own Session __utma Analytical web Google 2 years since it was initially created or restored
__utmb Analytical web Google 30 minutes since it was initially created or restored
__utmc Analytical web Google Session
__utmz Analytical web Google 6 months since it was initially created or restored wordpress_test_cookie, wp-saving-post, wp-settings Wordpress Own Session _icl_current_language Identify languages Own Session guest_id Social network Twitter 2 years since it was initially created or restored
Block and removal of cookies

You can allow, block or remove the cookies by configuring the options of the navigator.

In case of doubts about this Cookies policy you can contact Cmayor in